World Tennis CaricaTour is a blog that pays tribute to proffessional tennis through the use of caricatures. The content include top players of today mixed with great players from the past.
The blog itself covers two great interests of mine: tennis and (drawing) caricatures.


The format of the blog, for now, is that of a “simulated tour” that runs in continous seasons.
Being a computer programmer/software developer, I have written an application that create tournaments, draws, simulates matches and also creates wp posts that are automatically uploaded to this blog from code.

The “players” on tour are caricature versions of players from the past as well as top players of today. Probabilities of winning matches are based and calculated on the number of wins that the actual player has in the grand slams. The caricature tournaments are based on the four slams.

Federer vs Borg? Nadal vs Sampras? Djokovic vs Becker etc.. intriguing matchups. Food for thought – fun to simulate!

I hope the content is created and launched in correct order, otherwise the code is buggy. We’ll see. 🙂


If you would like to provide me with some feedback, please do so by using the contact form below.

Enjoy the blog!



Copyright © World Tennis CaricaTour – All Rights Reserved


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